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Why are we here?

That’s not the right question. I have a suspicion that this question is as toxic as drugs. A heroin addict, a nail biter, a fat person… they all wonder at some point why they’re doing the thing they’re doing and … Continue reading

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Les Visiteurs and I

Have you seen the movie “Les Visiteurs” with Jean Reno playing a medieval nobleman with his sword and his clothes and his attitude? Hint: Well I envisage myself as the Moldovan-Romanian version of the traveller. A Dac, fresh from antiquity. … Continue reading

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To be fair, hating your country and being embarrassed of your nation is not something new under the sun. Actually, it might seem like a boring pursuit to quite a few people I know in Eastern Europe and India and … Continue reading

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“We’re all looking to the west for answers, searching for ourselves so far away, when it is all here, in this land, and in your own being“ – said Dragos and I felt at once that I arrived home. I think I’ve never … Continue reading

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