To be fair, hating your country and being embarrassed of your nation is not something new under the sun. Actually, it might seem like a boring pursuit to quite a few people I know in Eastern Europe and India and Africa etc. And my point was not that this was the one feature of Moldovans that makes them stand out in the world, namely how fucked up we are. My point was that, for once, I could take aside all the bullshit poured on me and feel another reality, maybe not the real reality (whatever that might be) but something different. And that was my revelation: We’re a nation of hypnotized people: people who used to be people and now they think they are stupid ugly beasts. It has been told to them so many times: you are a stupid ugly beast; you’re not good enough to own land, or to have your language, or a position of power, or a Mercedes-Benz and pointy shiny shoes.

And then Dragos goes “snap!” and I wake up from the hypnosis and suddenly feel free, powerful, proud, full of dignity and surrounded by the deep mystery of my beginnings like an aura.

This is what we were made to believe:

and this is who we really are:

Then I look around and I see things are just as shitty as before and go about my life. But, once in a while, I am pretty happy with the places and people I find to be awakened, which is something new. There is beauty around us, but we’re so used to not seeing it, that it passes us by, day by day.

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