Why are we here?

That’s not the right question.

I have a suspicion that this question is as toxic as drugs. A heroin addict, a nail biter, a fat person… they all wonder at some point why they’re doing the thing they’re doing and see no point to this activity besides satisfying the need of doing it. I think asking ourselves why we are here is just as masochistic as stuffing yourself with food into a heart attack or killing yourself in a speed related car accident.

And I think men are usually more prone to taking up such auto-destructive activities: wars, boxing, luxury cars etc.

So comes this question into a lively discussion between many people of both sexes as to separate them in two different worlds. Men retire into a microcosmos trying to decipher the meaning of our existence and consume themselves in doing so. They suffer like the artist and die like the junkie. Just like the artist they try to grasp the mysteries of the universe in its infinity and simplify it into an equation. A cause-effect.  They need everything to have a meaning. What they are in fact doing is eating the big KFC bucket every day after school and then crying that they’re obese.  Just like the junkie they have destroyed the inter-human harmony, the family and the positive relationships only to die alone and unaccomplished.

Women smile politely at their attempts and leave them be, no rehab can help this. They then turn to the world in all its beauty with everything alive in it, they love it and cherish it. Women play the instruments and pet the animals. They have a shot of adrenaline for every breath of a living being. And every ray of sunshine is a wave of happiness through their bodies and minds. Behind the doors closed by men, women whisper to themselves the secret of life. They know it because they produce life. Men are only spectators, they are grown people who get frustrated that they can’t explain the cheap old magician’s trick.

It’s a pity to lose this and try to think like a man, act like a man and try to be the same. Men lost touch for some reason. Women start losing touch too in their quest for being able to address the “why are we here” question as well as men do. While men might have good intentions by asking this, they are in the wrong direction and we shouldn’t follow it. It would be too bold for this world to say that we should actually point them into the right direction. But at least not follow them.

There are many questions worth asking, but not this one. This one is the same as eating your nails. This is the same as watching Dom2 for the 7th year in a row. Sick, harmful and pointless. And of course a junkie will never admit it.

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