Cheeznow – Party Time

I, the young Dac princess, was nervous and at the same time in a state of mild delirium, like when the usual laws of the universe stopped applying to you for a moment. I was expecting visitors from my previous cat lives: when I was an energetic aspiring banker, a lonely wise traveler and a normal girl in a normal country with a normal life. I was looking at things around me and try to perceive them as my guests would.

Here we are:

It was probably still the effect of the strong auto-suggestive religion of positivism that I imposed on myself since I came back that I thought they would see this:

                   when they actually saw a lot of this: 

But I think they also saw a lot of this:

Day 1 was quite full. I think already on Day 1 we surpassed the 100 Euro budget that I erroneously recommended.

We went to eat at La Taifas, a traditional restaurant that never fails to leave the best impressions for its excellent food, genuine and carefully designed interior, live traditional music and great service. You can request songs and the Taraf will play them, even some international ones. Placinte for appetizers and loads of meat for mains went great with some Chateau Vartely Pinot Noir and Cabernet. Pickles are required for such a meaty meal. Mirza and Guillaume even came up with a fancy pickle tasting procedure.

Here is Dana and Andreas with his inappropriate rape face (there’s more funny faces from Andreas)

I love folk dances and Andrei made an attempt at digging up some of the moves from his Romanian DNA:

Then we crashed at a wild international party at Valentina, the most obscure, small, cheap and shabby place in the center of the city. The jukebox and the people truly make the place. Girls dancing on the table, everyone screaming and shooting vodka, genuine party place. Nobody thought of taking decent photos there due to a big lack of oxygen so Valentina will remain obscure and yours to discover.

For clubbing, I thought I would show my guests the most glamorous nightclub we’ve got. Not that any of us was crazy about the fancy way of life, but I thought I would show a good contrast, or the huge inequality factor persistent in the city. So I booked a table for Drive, paid in advance and all. Everyone dressed up and looked gorgeous. And still we didn’t get in. Not that I ever wanted to go to Drive, I’ve been there before and my guests and I have all seen better places than that, but them not letting us in was simply lame. Had we been three 16-year-old girls and four 50-year-old guys we’d gotten in. But I think they saw that our guys weren’t much of prostitute clients and found no point to let us in. Whatever that redneck security guy imagined in his head is not important, bu if you want to have a decent night out, don’t plan for Drive.

Change of plans. We went to Kurabu. A short talk with the barman suggesting we’ve got money to spend and we had a table, a great waiter and everything. Kurabu is one of the few clubs with decent DJs and music which doesn’t sound like you turned on the radio. No entry fee and a relatively small hall make it especially attractive. The minus being the relatively young audience. But that was no problem for us. We had fun. Especially Andreas:

At about 4 pm we were looking for a change of scenery. Since there weren’t many options, we went to Booz Time. By the time we climbed the steep and infinite stairs to the entrance, there were barely any people left. The more reason for a pole dance, Andreas thought (no footage of that, but it was priceless). And a few more tequila shots.


That was more or less day one and there’s more fun to come. Bowmore to the next post

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