All you need is…

A nice clean toilet with proper running water. A clean shower with hot water. A sink with hot water so that you can wash your dishes with pleasure. A bed which is a bed, not a provisional couch, not a fold-up kinda bed, but an actual bed. That’s it. That’s all you need in your house to make you absolutely happy, that’s all that is worth investing in. Marble entre, leather sofas from the poor Indian cows, huge space, it’s all bullshit to make you pay for some firm’s products. You don’t need more in terms of making you happy from your house.   You can decorate it the way you want from flea markets, online shops, your own art works or of your friends, or the memorabilia from your travels. Anything more than a proper toilet, bathroom and bed is just shit others tricked you into believing is necessary but it actually isn’t, and it won’t make you happier if you have it. A proper toilet, bathroom and bed is the ultimate happiness you can get from your house. Plus, of course, no mold and other basic sanitary standards. Stop looking for something else from it because it will never give it to you. Look for happiness somewhere else, I’m sure it’ll be just as simple as what you get from your house.

The progress of civilization spinning around the GDP growth figure has reached its peak when we could all afford a toiled, shower and bed. It also reached its peak when we could have airplanes that take us to our loved ones, antibiotics that saved us from syphilis and the plague. It still has to work on that cancer, AIDS, world poverty and other stuff. But not exactly on things that give no value added: fancy cars, ever more sophisticated financial products, exclusive so and so, meals that you either eat it all and become obese or throw away half of it, batteries, electronics and all kinds of utensils that are 100 times cheaper than their environmental impact.

I guess this is lamely in lieu of my idea that growth is not really that necessary. I have to say that a year ago I wouldn’t find this idea conceivable, due to the academia and investment banks around me obsessing about growth like  some of my friends obsess about a lack of weed or cocaine on the market. It’s a depression all around, I tell you that. But the point is that some areas of the economy have become obsolete. We don’t need any more comfort and health standards. This is coming from a lower-middle income person from Moldova, or, better said, a household of less than 600 euro a month for a family of four. What we need to develop now is some common sense. There are billion dollar businesses that we support on our backs for no clear reason to our own benefit. And all that to the expense of the lower classes, where I uncomfortably am right now, the people of developing nations blinded by a promise of success USA style and, more importantly (because they have no say in this) to the expense of the other living beings of the earth.

I think our world society is living a bubble. It started with the industrial revolution in the 19th century and it went way out of hand. Most people I met in my life don’t even know a time when it was all genuine and in tandem with nature. I am fortunate to have lived in a Moldovan village where there are still some people living the proper way to live for a human being: growing enough food for the family, taking the best care and loving the domestic animals that they will later, at true necessity , kill for meat, recycling every little bit of stuff, be it for food for dogs and pigs or heat and household needs. But this is disappearing so fast that I want to cry. All because of a perfectly marketed idea of American happiness.

I think the next level of evolution is long due. I think that we are still going around the old level because some rich people have some businesses as cash cows and they do their best to sell the all favorite, old product of prosperity. We are better than that. What we want is to provide the traditional farmers with the best and most sustainable ways of farming, so that they don’t destroy their bodies and have time for vacation. They need to have the best of medicine, which is a domain to be developed in the prevention area rather than anything else. They need to have easy credit when they have good business opportunities, but credit will be given only when there is value added to society. And of course, they really deserve a clean nice toilet, shower and bed.

I guess that is enough thinking considering the cold in my communist designed apartment. But I wish that next time, for a round of warm-up tequilas, I would discuss with someone the feasibility of  all of these ideas in practice.

Peace and love to everyone!

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3 Responses to All you need is…

  1. Madhur says:

    Beautifully written ! Consumerism and greed is killing the planet. Unfortunately, there is too much focus on growth! No one thinks about what impact this has on the planet. “I think our world society is living a bubble.” – Love that line. You might want to check out this video (Arithmetic, Population, and Energy) –

    I am sure you would love this movie –

    Completely agree with almost everything. Can I share this post ?

  2. Hemant Shah says:

    ever heard of the phrase- “There is enough in the world for everybody’s need, but not enough for anybody’s greed” – M.K. Gandhi

    But earthlings are getting greedier by the day… just for the want of more!

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