Poem Avantgarde by the Cheeznow Boys


Thank you for having us here,

To enjoy Bowmore and beer.

The first day we arrived,

We drank and our lives were sacrificed!

But luckily we were able to cut,

While enjoying live music and moving our feet

And then we drank some more



We enjoyed your kitchen cuisine

Even though it was crowded,

It was like a picture in a magazine.

It then took us 10 minutes to get out of home,

10 minutes later we were at a hippie dome.

When reaching the Labyrinth of sound

We communicated simply, yet profound.

After drums, food&beats we went to the garage to eat.

You wanted to sleep, but we had some fun,

In the end Bowmore convinced everyone.

As the sun was setting over the bad part of town,

We were finishing our walk,

But the fun had just begun.

Made our way through some American thieves,

That even Carlsberg didn’t see.

We ignored the police, we hit the streets,

We went to make some beats.

Next to the heat

While breathing some green,

In the Labyrinth’s scheme.

Today we were almost late

To meet our drunken fate.

Thanks Bacchus for Moldavian grapes!

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