A quick word on power

Reflecting on world conspiracies, I conclude that, given what the paranoids are saying was half-true, the world is ruled by a bunch of the most common junkies. These junkies may well be hopeless, since:

1. they’re not easy to find: hiding and lying about their vice;

2. they might be too deep into their addiction and will choose the drug to reason.

So forget them. Sometimes I think it can be more productive to accept a loss and work on the future than to dwell on the past and compromising the future in the process. What’s most important, like in the case of smoking and heroine, is to keep the young ones as far away from it as possible.

What I mean is that, if there is a conspiracy and some people devote a lot of time and brain power, it must be for some kind of gain. I highly doubt that this gain is monetary. Doing bad things for money can be the case of everyone from the forester who peels off the skin of endangered species, sex slave owners to bankers, rigged local politicians and even some mid-ranked CEOs. But there’s a limit when it stops being about the money and starts being about power. I always believed that there’s only this much luxury you may truly want in life. Past that, it becomes a bore.

Now, if we assume that there are a bunch of world rulers out there, the magnitude of influence they are assumed to have presupposes so much money as only the debt of the USA can be used to compare. Nobody needs so much money. But why then would one have to basically make a pact with the devil for so much influence when the monetary target was meet some billions ago? Power. Why does one need so much power?

If you need power to pursue monetary goods, it’s all clear. And that’s how most super-rich start. Some of  them, later, inevitably enter the second paradigm: you need power as an end in itself and you may use your monetary resources to achieve it.

The story of the lust for power is very old. We’ve seen excesses of it in merely every ruler of country, police, business or any other institution. It even would take a while to write down the names of all those who perceived themselves as God. But the question is Why? I see no answer to it. I believe that power is a drug: has no real role in survival but makes you feel better. Normal drugs harm your body while power doesn’t. But it can be argued that it harms your mind in the way that you don’t realize the consequences of your actions on the others. Why care about the others? Because otherwise the world is a shit hole and it’s really not worth living in it, but that’s a whole new argument.

Here one may say two things:

1. by this logic, not only power harms your mind, but general living, since most people are not considerate of others.

2. if power makes you feel better, isn’t one free to pursue happiness?

For (1) I have to say I found power to stand out as I can well understand the other reasons not to care for people: greed and envy. One knows where they come from and they are testable in the following way (a test which I use as a mental exercise): if suddenly all the children that are born are educated in a way that greed and envy will never come up, will these children become just as destructive as their parents used to be? I can well imagine that the world will be a better place. As for power, how do you educate a child not to want power? You may teach him to be indifferent to most physical things, but what about emotional supremacy? Intellectual supremacy? This is bound to exist. How do you restrain this supremacy you have over another in order not to execute your power on him/her? Is that a good thing? The question is open.

For (2), no, as long as you are christian, utilitarian or have some common sense. Maybe in other doctrines there would be a reason for it.

This was a reality check for the existence of world conspiracies – trying to see whether there is any sense to be a world conspirator and have just so much power. With the assumption that people will have unlimited want for power, it then became an attempt to understand a destructive feature of man – the want for power – in order to be able to somehow mediate its influence and also monitor it on a personal level. Help on the matter will be most welcome. Forum for thinking here.

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