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Beauty and the matrix

My dad was always guided by the instinct of being correct. And in his philosophy, this was an act of proving wrong to all those christians out there who used the label of “christian” just like today’s teenagers use the … Continue reading

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A post about Sicily without the use of the word “mafia”

I arrived in Palermo in late July. The humidity of the island’s air reminded me of South-East Asia and it instantaneously put me on guard. Animal mode. Fortunately, only “positive” looks were directed toward me. Long, appreciative looks from womanizer … Continue reading

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Inequality and the dream

Richer kids are smarter. It’s true and there’s nothing to do about it. No communist fossil will prove me we’re all the same and that the rich have somehow annihilated all those brilliant minds of the poor. There were no … Continue reading

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A quick word on power

Reflecting on world conspiracies, I conclude that, given what the paranoids are saying was half-true, the world is ruled by a bunch of the most common junkies. These junkies may well be hopeless, since: 1. they’re not easy to find: hiding and … Continue reading

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The dos and don’ts of travelling in South East Asia

It was painful but I learned a few lessons about traveling low budget in South-East Asia. First, a few golden rules: – the earlier you wake up, the safer and cheaper you get to where you want. After dark things … Continue reading

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Selamat pagi, Bandung

A week passed and I made peace with the bathroom and even with the angkots. Apparently there’s some kind of system in place for those random public transport minibuses (RUTE ANGKOT). The experience of the place is being grossly slowed … Continue reading

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Life is Bubur

After about ten posts that I didn’t publish due to their high level of disgust of and hostility toward the Moldovan society, I packed my bags and went to Indonesia. It might be even worse there, I thought, but at … Continue reading

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